Physical Therapy

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Heal and Restore Your Body One Step at a Time

B3 Medical offers superior rehabilitative health services for patients recovering from accidents and those dealing with a variety of challenges including musculoskeletal birth defects, post-stroke care, and many others. Our objective is to assist each patient in regaining or improving their physical abilities using our cutting edge exercises and equipment.

Upon initial visit, patients receive a complete examination and customized treatment plan.

senior-man-doing-physical-therapy-shutterstock_53595232-212x300Depending on the health problem, our therapist will assist the patient with flexibility, strength, pacing, endurance, coordination, and balance. Once pain and swelling have subsided, the therapist will work to increase your flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Our therapists look at your entire body to ensure your treatment resolves the source of the injury, not just the symptoms. Therapy may include manual therapy , stretching, strengthening , core work as well as many other modalities. Our physical therapist may also prepare an at-home exercise regimen for you to follow outside of therapy.

male-female-theraband-shutterstock_84541618-300x217As with any new stresses that the body endures, physical therapy may cause mild soreness or swelling until the body adapts to the new activities. We educate you every step of the way to ensure your comfort.

If your doctor or surgeon has recommended a regimen, we can work with them to ensure their orders are followed. We pay close attention to your progress and comfort to move toward total restoration and healing.