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Choose Wellness Right Now

At B3 Medical, our focus is steadfast on helping people realize their true potential through health and wellness.

Getting and staying healthy requires an enormous sense of personal responsibility that often doesn’t come naturally. Most people need to be inspired to take on that responsibility. And they need someone to continue to inspire them to remain accountable. Our team is here for you! We are dedicated to providing the inspiration, education and means to empower everyone to realize their true human and spiritual potential through good health.

At B3 Medical, we believe that knowledge is power. Our goal is to educate and empower you to make the right choices for yourself and your family. We take an integrative approach to healthcare, utilizing practitioners from the fields of conventional/functional medicine, chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, exercise, massage and soft-tissue therapy, nutrition and psychology.

There’s no better time than now to start on the road to good health. CHOOSE RIGHT NOW!

Our team of professionals brings decades of experience to the practice of integrative medicine. Our RIGHT System is comprised of easy-to-follow strategies focusing on addressing five areas essential to optimal health:

Components of the Choose Right Now Program



Neurological Function- Our nervous system controls and coordinates all of our daily function. Interference in your nervous system can cause all sorts of symptoms and disease. A simple adjustment with ongoing maintenance may be all that is required to get your internal lines of communication flowing freely.


Biochemistry/Nutrition- The old adage “You are what you eat” is only partly true. Your body and its ability to function is actually based on a combination of what you eat, what you absorb from your foods and through your skin, how much you assimilate into body tissue and how well you remove toxic load. This is why your nutrition is directly related to a whole host of health issues and can be the key to fixing them.


Connective Tissue- The delicate interwoven web of our connective tissue enables all of our systems to function as an integrated whole. Just like the nervous system, interference in the connective tissue can cause dysfunction that is more than muscular, like inhibiting the ability to remove toxins and disrupting organ function. For that reason, soft tissue work and massage shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury, rather an essential component of a wellness plan.


Functional Movement– Being active is an important component of living healthy and well. Everyone should have a functional pain-free range of motion to live an active life. This is only possible when all of the joints, connective tissue and muscles are functioning properly. That’s why it is important to undergo an assessment of your functional movement to gain a better body awareness and, if necessary, begin a corrective exercise program to increase strength and mobility. Once you are moving well, a fitness plan is essential to stay healthy and active.


Positive Thinking/Acting- Making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle is the most important aspect of a successful health and wellness program. It is never good enough to just “try.” Action is what sets apart those who accomplish their life goals from those who do not. We can teach you strategies to assist in removing lifelong obstacles from your path. CHOOSE RIGHT NOW.


Choose-Right-Now-YOU-NO-Text-300x159Getting and staying healthy requires an enormous sense of personal responsibility that often doesn’t come naturally. Become a healthy ager! Let’s partner up and get started!


Choose an Active Lifestyle

Take the First Step

Start your journey to optimum health by making an appointment to be evaluated. This initial screening includes a blood test, complete medical history and a physical to assess your needs. Your tests are reviewed by a medical doctor and during your consultation options are laid out that are medically appropriate based on your condition.

Goals Make It Real

Our team will work with you to set up your personal program and together work to put attainable and stretch goals in place. A written plan is put in place to serve as a roadmap to guide you and our team in the right direction.


Work the Plan

Our Team Supports Your Efforts

Once you begin your program we are there to help encourage you as each professional team member works with you to achieve your health goals. With a combination of perspiration and inspiration, each step in the process is taken, always with the ultimate goal in mind. Your progress is charted and shared with you and your BCW support team.

Track Results and Adjust

As you progress toward your health goals, adjustments may be made to your program based on your performance and on the advice of the medical doctor who assesses your stats and medical tests that are taken during the course of your program.