Janet De La Cruz

DeLa Cruz, JanetJanet was born and raised in Cuba, where she went to school to accomplish her biggest dream: to become a professional dancer and actress.

Not long after she graduated she moves with her family to United States, where she found herself facing faith’s mysterious ways of placing people not where they want to be but where they are needed most. Life put her down in the path of medicine and gave her the opportunity to discover the other side of her personality, full of compassion, understanding, patience and caring.

She has worked in the medical field for over 16 years now and hasbeen blessed with a large experience in customer service. She enjoys helping clients and uses her communication skills on daily basis to pursue that big challenge of making a difference in other people’s life.

As a licensed Massage Therapist, Medical Assistant and mother of three children, she strongly believes in the great benefit of Bain Complete Wellness as a vital ingredient to keep your Mind, Body and Spirit in harmonious balance.