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Wouldn’t it be great if you could count on living an accident-free life? No one ever plans to be in accident…that’s why it’s called an “accident.” However, you can count on B3 Medical to help you recover and mitigate the setbacks when an accident occurs.

The doctors and therapists at B3 Medical are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive care for all personal, sports and auto-accident injuries. We use an array of diagnostic tools and treatments to adjust and alleviate your pain at the source.

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You should not have to live with pain! Let our advocates and expert physicians help you through the personal injury process!

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Divorce lawyer in front of the courthouse While attorneys address the legal aspects of an accident, we serve as your personalized care advocates to ensure safe, effective and efficient treatment of pain, while helping you restore range of motion to comfortably live your life. Our experienced Patient Advocates also help you with the insurance claim process, communicating with all necessary parties and helping you properly fill out necessary forms, so that you can focus on your recovery–not a mountain of paperwork and logistics.
Accident-Neck-BraceComplete Injury and Rehab is part of B3 Medical clinics, providing multi-faceted health and wellness care, including chiropractic and physician services, physical therapy, massage therapy, athletic training and nutrition services. This enables us to provide you with the best means necessary for recovery after an accident–all in one location.
BAIN-complete-injury-logoAt B3 Medical, we are experienced in treating back issues, such as strains and pains, disc problems, herniation, sciatica, etc.; head and neck injuries, such as whiplash and concussion; knee and shoulder injuries of all types; joint pain, circulatory issues, all chronic pain, and any other injury-related issue. We are also here to assist you with any other health problem you may have–regardless of whether it is injury related.


Maybe, like many people, you felt “just a little shaken up” at the scene of your recent auto accident, so you rejected medical attention. However, after a few days, you might start experiencing pain, stiffness, anxiety, sleep loss, chronic headaches, tingling sensations in the hands, arms and shoulders, or other pain or discomfort.
Even if you believe you are “fine,” it is very important to get checked out as soon as possible after being involved in a collision. The Complete Injury and Rehab multidisciplinary team consists of experts in treating auto-accident victims. Let us help you!

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Auto accidents are the most common form of “personal injury” claim, which refers to any injury to one’s body, mind and/or spirit. In the state of Florida–and all U.S. states–a personal injury claim cannot be filed until after a visit to a primary care physician, a hospital emergency room or a chiropractor. Other personal injuries include but are not limited to:

  • workplace accidents
  • sporting-event injuries
  • trips and falls
  • assault
  • accidents at home
  • vacation injuries (on cruise ships or at resorts)
  • product defects that can cause accidents
  • medical malpractice.

Because so many people trust us to take care of them when injured, we have vast experience helping patients navigate the logistics of insurance claims for personal injury. Our experienced Patient Advocates know how to fill out the forms and communicate with your insurance company so that your focus can be on recovery. We are happy to help you!

We are here to help!

You should not have to live with pain! Let our advocates and expert physicians help you through the personal injury process!

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