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We believe that a healthy family is a happy family. With health care costs rising year after year, preventive health care has become a pressing need among families at all income levels.

Our founder, Dr. Tim Bain, is a husband, father, and community leader who believes the family is the most important unit in society. He sees health as the primary means through which families are free to love each other and do what they’re meant to do in the world. This philosophy permeates everything we offer families at B3 Medical.

For us, health is more than the absence of illness.
It’s the experience of a life well-lived.

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What to Expect

We conduct thorough evaluations to determine how we can be most effective in enriching your health. Our physicians complete a battery of assessments and provide education on the best way to create and sustain lifestyle adjustments that serve your family’s goals. As caring and attentive practitioners, we go beyond diagnosis to provide a blueprint for remaining well year after year.