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I’m excited about the enthusiasm I’ve seen so far with clients, employees and friends committing to positive lifestyle changes. As such, I’m dedicating myself to increasing my effort to communicate messages that educate and empower people to become healthy and well. This new “CHOOSE RIGHT NOW” blog is part of that effort.

I’ve been humbled and honored by the enormous growth of my practices throughout the Tampa area this year. With that growth, came the need to focus on systems, employee training and finances; undeniably, these are important elements of any business, BUT I want to ensure that this year, as we continue to grow, that my focus is steadfast on helping people realize their true potential through health and wellness. To that end, you’ll be hearing from me more in social and news media, as well as out in the community, sharing my time and effort through local talks and events. As much as I’ll be looking at ways to expand my reach, I’ll be equally focused on impacting individuals…changing the world and its focus on healthcare by creating one healthy body and mind at a time.
Exercise-therapy-at-BainGetting and staying healthy requires an enormous sense of personal responsibility that often doesn’t come naturally. Most people need to be inspired to take on that responsibility. And they need someone to continue to inspire them to remain accountable. My team and I are here for you! I’m dedicated to providing the inspiration, education and means to empower everyone to realize their true human and spiritual potential through good health. And each and every Bain Complete Wellness doctor, therapist and team member has that same goal. Ultimately, I plan to create Bain Complete Wellness practices nationwide, making access to good healthcare as ubiquitous as access to Starbucks coffee. For more on my vision for healthcare, check out my white paper: Dr. Bain Healthcare Reform White Paper

There’s no better time than now to start on the road to good health. CHOOSE RIGHT NOW!

Dr. Timothy Bain

Tim-Bain-smlPresident and Founder
A sought-after expert in health and wellness–specifically preventative medicine, sports performance and nutrition–Dr. Tim Bain is the founder of Bain Complete Wellness and The Athletes Compound at Saddlebrook. Dr. Bain treats hundreds of professional athletes and has patients of all age-groups. His popular multi-faceted, individualized approach is based on his belief that true health is not merely the absence of symptoms but the presence of well-being in mind, body, and spirit.

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Education Doctorate of Chiropractic – Life University Diplomate of the American Association of Integrative Medicine Certified Exercise Strength and Conditioning Specialist – Texas Chiropractic College Certified Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialist – Texas Chiropractic College Certified Sports Injury Specialist — Texas Chiropractic College Other degrees: B.S. Biology with a concentration in Psychology – Manhattan College. Memberships Council on Sports Injuries & Physical Fitness of the ACA International Chiropractic Pediatric Association American Chiropractic Association Florida Chiropractic Association American Chiropractic Association Sports Council National Strength and Conditioning Association Defeat Autism Now Life Extension Foundation Honors Summa Cum Laude Chiropractic National Honor Society Biology National Honor Society Psychology National Honor Society Awards International Pediatric Chiropractic Association — Distinguished Research Fellow Brookhaven National Laboratories/NIH — Distinguished Researcher Selected Publications Bain, T.F. (2012), Increasing performance through hip joint optimization, Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society Newsletter, Spring Edition, p.7-8. Bain, T.F. (2011), Increasing sports specific performance in children, Hillsborough County Chiropractic Society Journal

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