• Season’s Greetings

    Thank you for choosing B3 Medical this year. May the magic and wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year.

  • The Nine Pillars of Successful Weight Loss

    By William Faloon The Life Extension Foundation® has a 29-year track record of identifying novel methods to address the health concerns of aging humans. or example, Life Extension warned long ago that atherosclerosis was caused by more than a dozen independent correctable risk factors, with cholesterol and LDL being only two of them.1 When itRead More

  • Choose Right Now

    I’m excited about the enthusiasm I’ve seen so far with clients, employees and friends committing to positive lifestyle changes. As such, I’m dedicating myself to increasing my effort to communicate messages that educate and empower people to become healthy and well. This new “CHOOSE RIGHT NOW” blog is part of that effort. I’ve been humbledRead More

  • Wellness Solutions and Healthy Aging

    Can Wellness Initiatives offer Solutions to our Aging Population? The elderly population poses many specific and challenging issues to not only the medical community, but also to economic policy worldwide. Quite possibly the biggest challenge of the 21st Century globally is the sheer number of the aging population compared to the smaller future generations whoRead More

  • Patient Centered Care vs Health Care Rationing

    Education is the Doctor’s Best Medicine Medicine is a science and an art that requires many years of study to create competencies. Physicians spend countless hours honing their craft and learning the art of diagnosis and treatment of disease. In today’s flat world it seems that anyone with Google believes that they are intimately moreRead More

  • Women and Heart Disease

    Spring is a time of renewal and recharging. As it relates the heart health, there are strategies we can use to help Moms (and women of all ages) renew their health and combat some of the major health concerns they face. What’s the #1 Killer of Women? The top killer of women and men, alike,Read More