We are expanding and thus we are changing our name to embody what we now do.
Same great dedicated service with expanded offerings.

Today we require transformative change in our health-care system. We focus on the creation of a new standard of care, one that combines a wellness outlook with the co- management of disease. OUR TEAM MANTRA IS: COLLECTIVELY, EDUCATING AND EMPOWERING.

The Bain Complete Wellness Team’s Mission:

Bain Complete Wellness is on an impassioned mission to become the go-to leader in health and wellness, educating the Tampa area–and the nation about the importance of proactively making the right choices for a healthy lifestyle, while providing an extensive network of wellness centers with all the necessary services and staff to empower and support those choices.

With our centers, we strive to create an environment that not only serves as a vehicle for like-minded doctors, therapists and trainers to make a difference in people’s lives, but also as a model for the transformation of healthcare from sick-care of the body to well-care of the mind, body and spirit.

Giving Back is a Priority

At Bain Complete Wellness, we give for the sake of giving, love for the sake of loving, and serve for the sake of serving. This motto reveals the exemplary service you can expect when you visit our office.

Whether treating a dedicated mom struggling financially or a pro athlete with a multi-million-dollar contract, we are committed to providing the same level of exceptional care that inspires and supports trusting, long-term relationships.

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Samah Elmekabbati
I have been very pleased with all my visits to Bain Complete Wellness on Cross Creek. The chiropractors and support staff are friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I was mostly pleased with how well they accommodated my schedule and always made me feel welcomed. The work that has been done on me physically has also relieved the pain and anxiety that I was suffering from after my car accident. The atmosphere is wonderful and inviting. It was always a pleasure to enter the Bain Complete Wellness center. It has left a lasting impression. Thank you Bain!
Kelly Scamard
NEED MORE STARS TO THIS GROUP! As a patient, I could not TRUST a better set of Medical Professionals in the business. They truly CARE about your nutrition, and complete wellbeing, There are no Physician Control issues at all. Every question is answered without unnecessary drugs issued. Prescriptions are issued for your needs not for a financial kickback! I Fully entrust the set of Medical Professionals from start to finish within this group!
Diane Hansen
I have been going to Bain Complete Wellness for over two years and I have never experienced such high quality health care anywhere. Somehow they are able to combine complete professionalism with very personalized concern and compassion. I used to believe that chiropractic was only for accidents or when I pulled a muscle but I now go on a regular basis as part of a balanced wellness regimen. The atmosphere is clean, happy and inviting and I am so grateful to the folks at Dr. Bain’s office for consistently providing excellent care and service!